Mission Overview

Vernon Griffith II, CSCS*D

It is important to explore ideas and concepts that we are not familiar with or maybe even that we do not even agree with. Oftentimes many of us live in echo chambers, we listen to things we agree with, we watch things that blend with our likeness and choose friends that agree with our values. A new lens may provide an insight you never considered, or may even lead to a new idea that you would have never generated with a closed mind and your blinders up.

You see, new ideas all come from our sub-conscious bed of thoughts, those “a- hah” or “lightbulb” moments do not come from nowhere. They all come from somewhere, no matter how small it may be, information is pieced together in unknown fashions and sometimes produces something magical. Even though we try to downplay their significance in reductionist ideology, those “lightbulbs” all

come from opening our minds to new experiences, new inputs, new lenses.

Assume less and doubt more. Dare to critically think. Ask yourself “why” more but ask yourself “why not” more often. Mission: Explore is not solely about training, it is about expanding your breadth of experiences outside of strength and conditioning. Choose curiosity, choose adventure, travel more and speak to more people. Expand your horizon so that you can see the whole sky. Explore yourself, explore your thoughts, explore your mind. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with what

you find.